Silhouette® window shadings, with the Signature S-Vane™, offer many
beautiful fabrics and applications.  Minimum of 2 shades to qualify for mail in rebate.Motorization – Control your shades with iPad, iPhone or Android Device


Now you can operate your Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Screen Shades with an iPad, iPhone or Android app.  Using the PowerView app requires a hub (brain) that connects to your router which enables you to operate your window shades with any iPad, iPhone or Android device.  The PowerView App from Hunter Douglas is like a glorified remote control in that you can schedule your window coverings to go up or down at any time of the day or when the sunrises or the sunsets.  The app also can have several different customizable scenes for example: Morning Scene-All shades go up, Night Scene-all shades go down or Away Scene-shades go up and down at differenet times so it appears you are home.  Ask us how more about this amazing technology.

Originale™ 2″, 3″ & Quartette® 4″ —
Sixteen popular colors with classic-woven vanes.
Bon Soir™ 2″, 3″ & Quartette 4″ —
Eight designer colors with light-dimming fabric vanes.
Toujours™ 2″, 3″ & Quartette 4″ —
Eight soft, neutral colors with linen-textured vanes.
Bon Jour™ 2″, 3″ & Quartette 4″ —
Eight subtle colors with raw silk-textured vanes.
The Matisse Collection® 3″ & Quartette 4″ —
Twelve bold-colored sheers.
The Matisse Collection Bon Soir 3″ & Quartette 4″ —
Twelve bold-colored sheers with light-dimming fabric vanes.
Bouclé 3″ & Quartette 4″ —
Eight colors with finely-patterened vanes.
Chateau™ 3″ & Quartette 4″ —
Eight richly-textured colors with colored sheers.
Nouveau™ 3″ & Quartette 4″ —
Eight neutral colors with nature-inspired vanes.
Voila™ 3″ & Quartette 4″ —
Four subtle colors with an iridescent pinstripe sheer.
Sunscreen Privacy Shadings 3″ & Quartette 4″ —
Four strong sunscreen colors with colored sheers.
Trés Vue™ 3″ —
Eight popular colors with classic-woven vanes.
Continuous cord loop makes it easy to lift large shadings.
Raise, lower and tilt shadings with one retractable cord.
Raise, lower and tilt shadings with no cords.
Tilt-Only, Tilt-Only Low-Profile
For narrow windows. Shadings cannot be raised or lowered,
but vanes may be positioned from fully open to closed.
Top-Down/Bottom-Up with TiltAnywhere™
Shadings operate top-down, bottom-up or in combination. The
TiltAnywhere feature allows the vanes to function in any position.
Two-On-One Headrail
Two shadings share the same headrail; each shading operates independently.
Grandiose Shadings with EasyRise
Option for larger 3″ vane shadings by utilizing the Quartette 4″ headrail.
Available in select 3″ vane fabrics.
Specialty Shapes
Vanes remain in a fully opened position and are non-operable.
Inside mounts only.
Privacy Arches and Angles
Vanes remain tilted upward in the closed position and are non-operable.
Inside mounts only.
PowerRise 2.1 with Platinum Technology
Our state-of-the-art PowerRise 2.1 battery-powered system offers convenience with the touch of a button.


Product Features
2″, 3″ and 4″ vane sizes
12 fabrics in 104 colors
Translucent, light-dimming and privacy fabrics
Four operating systems:

Standard EasyRise™ cord loop
UltraGlide® retractable cord
LiteRise® cordless
PowerRise® 2.1 with Platinum™ Technology
Two-On-One Headrail (now available with PowerRise!)
Tilt-only for narrow windows
New! Grandiose™ Shadings with EasyRise
Standard fabric-covered headrail
Top-Down/Bottom-Up option
Specialty shapes
Privacy arches and angles
Counterparts® Refined and The Whole House Solution™
Lifetime guarantee
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