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Roller Shades San Juan Capistrano

Can you imagine looking for shutters by combining several different buys from different shops? You may want different sizes or colors of blinds but only find a few in your favorite store. The best seller should stock a total package of shutters, drapes, blinds, and shades.

Why South County Window Coverings and Sun Solutions is the best store for blinds


A great way to find the best shades and blinds near San Juan Capistrano CA is to read reviews. They highlight how the shutters fit different sizes of windows, types of homes, ease of installation, and expected longevity.

Our store has two decades of operation in the United States, hence it is impossible not to find a few reviews detailing our service and quality of products. A glimpse into our testimonial page reveals how clients rate our packages and their recommendation.

Product details

The only way you can make a smart purchase of shutters in San Juan Capistrano is by making a wise judgment of all product details. Check for the accurate description of products, such as synthetic, natural wood, or blends. We have an ethical store practice that inserts actual pictures of all custom window treatments in San Juan Capistrano and a matching description.

Company details

The legitimacy and work ethic of the company will be apparent through our ‘About' and ‘Contact' pages. We value transparency and an accessible channel of communication hence include all necessary information of the business.


South County Window Coverings and Sun Solutions operates in Laguna Niguel, California. Contact our staff for directions to the store and any other inquiries to ease your visit to the store.

Quality of products

Pictures are not enough to prove the quality of the San Juan Capistrano shutters, no matter how accurate and truthful. You have to feel and examine the construction and feel of each product to certify the quality. Ask for close up pictures of products or arrange a visit to the physical store of shutters in San Juan Capistrano.

Delivery fees

Our store has a reasonable delivery fee for all types of shutters. The amount will cover the convenience of receiving the screens at your business or residence with minimal damage.

Product pricing

We do not have suspiciously low prices that are a testament to the low quality of products. The value is also not too high for the standard American family wanting to decorate their home and improve aeration at a budget.

Free estimate

Some sellers have a fee of evaluation that deters prospective buyers. Contrastingly, we have a free estimate service for all of our products.

Communication channel

Some buyers want full-time customer support because they have many different sizes of windows. South County Window Coverings and Sun Solutions has social media platforms, direct phone contact, and an active email address to answer all queries at any time.


Our store has served hundreds of clients within and outside of California. We have evolved to accommodate the exact demands of all clients for better services and the best shutters near San Juan Capistrano.

Online store

An excellent store prioritizes its online presence because it is the portal for successful marketing. We have a secure shopping portal where you can order any type of blind or parts. Additionally, you can call the office for custom orders and be sure to receive the same quality of service.

Roller Shades San Juan Capistrano
South County Window Coverings and Retractable Screen Doors
Roller Shades San Juan Capistrano
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Roller Shades San Juan Capistrano
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