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Roller Shades Laguna Beach

Shutters in Laguna Beach are easy to clean and essential for privacy and shade. South County Window Coverings and Sun Solutions offers shaders for any budget and style.

Why should I install shades?

Blinds are the perfect way to block out the sun and even cut down on energy costs. The durable material will not scratch or chip, giving you a product that is easy to clean and lasts in almost any room.

Nearly 30 percent of your home's energy is lost to windows and the right blinds and shutters can reduce energy consumption by over 10 percent. Since most blinds are moisture proof, you can place them in any room.

Types of blinds available

Decorate your home with the best shutters near Laguna Beach. Choose from a variety of wood and vinyl plantation shutters in Los Angeles and the greater area. We offer:

  • Faux wood blinds
  • Wood and vinyl shutters
  • Hunter Douglas window coverings

Whether you are looking for the classic look that shutters provide or a way to avoid letting in the sun all together, South County Window Coverings and Sun Solutions has a product to fit your needs. Relatively inexpensive blinds keep your home cool while our premium Hunter Douglas window coverings add a touch of class.

Should I install faux wood blinds?

Blinds are one of the most common window attachments. Faux wood blinds work in any part of your home. This option is:

  • Economical
  • Energy efficient
  • Maintains the look and style of their wooden counterparts

Your blinds enhance your home and should compliment your coastal property. While it is possible to purchase plastic solutions, our material is durable and easier to clean.

What are shutters?

Shutters are thicker than blinds and often close to block out the sun as opposed to being lowered and raised. This type of product adds the true beach feeling to your home and comes in a large variety of styles but is not always perfect for your bathroom or other area of high humidity.

The lighting effect of blinds adds a unique aura to your home as well. Send beams of light into your home, accentuating your furniture. When you are looking for something unique, buy shutters in Laguna Beach.

Do I need blackout shades?

The workforce is increasingly dynamic. Not everyone works the same schedule.

Blackout shades are a special type of shade that completely removes the sun. Gain a full sleep no matter what time of day it is with our quality blackout shades.

Are Hunter Douglas window coverings worth their cost?

Hunter Douglas is one of the largest providers of blinds and shades in the world. As an innovator in the field for over 60 years, there is something for every consumer.

South County Window Coverings and Sun Solutions stays current on all that Hunter Douglas offers through their continuing education courses. Our professionals are ready to help you find the solution that works for your home and taste.

Shutters in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach shutters for sale create the perfect mix of energy efficiency, sun reduction, and class for your home. South County Window Coverings and Sun Solutions helps you from sales to installation.

Get in touch with our team today.

Roller Shades Laguna Beach
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Roller Shades Laguna Beach
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Roller Shades Laguna Beach
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