Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale

Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale

Many homeowners struggle to figure out the best time of year to install hurricane impact windows and only take action when there is an apparent storm warning. The government makes it easy for us by requiring buildings in certain areas to have these windows during the construction stage.

In 1992, building codes changed to improve the home’s capability to withstand hurricanes and storms. The new statute in 2002 specified that all impact windows must withstand 150 mph winds or more. Some homeowners delay this construction because these building materials are exponentially expensive and scarce in their area. Thankfully, there is a cheaper and easier way to get impact windows to protect your business or home.

Everything you need to know before buying impact windows in Fort Lauderdale

Comparison with hurricane shutters

Hurricane shutters serve the same purpose as Fort Lauderdale hurricane impact windows during a storm. The difference is that impact windows do not require any preparation in an impending storm. Besides, they are safer because you do not have to scale ladders or see any last-minute installations in a complicated weather situation.

Safety of impact windows

Impact windows are a popular choice because they are safe and have a build that will last decades. One way that these windows will keep your property safe is that they are firm against extreme atmospheric pressure, dense flying objects, and other threatening subjects. Our windows are convenient because they have back up with multiple testing to guarantee durability. Generally, they will undergo the following main parts of rigorous laboratory tests:

  • Air pressure – The windows pass the basic pressure rating, hence can withstand the strongest winds.
  • Water penetration – The window must keep out all the water as per the percentage of the water pressure on it.
  • Structural strength – The frame and glass have a higher rating and enough thickness to increase resistance against intrusions.

Additional benefits of impact windows

In addition to superior protection against winds, impact windows offer ancillary perks to any property.

Better security

Ft. Lauderdale impact windows keep winds and debris from the home to prevent invasions that could fracture the window and enter the home. It is impossible to break these windows with a flying ball or a strong wind that carries a strong current of debris.

Increased efficiency

Energy-efficient windows will save you a potential amount every month. These windows are also a green product and have a high energy efficiency responsible for at least a quarter of all heating and cooling energies. Impact windows are unparalleled in improving energy efficiency and maintaining a stable bill throughout the year.

Another efficient function of these windows is their resistance against noise from lawnmowers, neighborhood parties and pets. Your home will be a sanctuary from over-stimulation when you purchase impact windows with the right thickness, from Signature Impact Windows & Doors.

An investment in Fort Lauderdale windows in Miami is well worth the cost because of the proven efficiency over the long haul. It is one of the top innovations for modern-day homes and offers a potential for tax break and reduced insurance. Apply for a free estimate of your order or call +13059127493 for more information on our hurricane proof windows and doors

Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale

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Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale
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