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Garage Door Repair Annapolis Md

Motorized garage doors are a God-send for most people. But when it starts acting up, like refusing to close or simply not functioning, it becomes a nightmare. Don’t beat yourself up on garage door repair Annapolis MD. Hire our technicians for dependable garage door service repairs. Call (410)609-6032 today and we can give you an estimate.    

You might not know it but a simple garage door repair for your Annapolis MD property can keep your family safe and secure. When garage door parts are weak, it is easy for burglars to take advantage and get in. What’s more, thousands of accidents happen due to malfunctioning garage doors. For extra security, consider installing the following features:
1. Manual emergency release - If your door malfunctions, you can easily open it by pulling the emergency release cord.
2. Force Guard Control - This feature allows homeowners to select the minimum or maximum force for fully opening or closing a garage door.
3. Vacation Setting - Going on a long trip? Opt for this feature which disables the opener from responding to any kind of transmitter. If you are still paranoid, just go for some old fashioned padlocks to lock the inside and outside of your garage door.
To know more about these and other safety features available, you talk to us here at Delfino Garage Door. With years of experience in garage door repair in Annapolis MD as well as maintenance and installation, we can easily offer the best solution to any problem. Not only are we dependable—we also offer affordable services. In case of emergencies, you can count on our 24/7 service. You may call Delfino Garage Door at (410)609-6032.

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Garage Door Repair Annapolis Md
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