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Blinds for Windows San Clemente

Blinds in San Clemente are the perfect option for privacy and energy efficiency. Keep the sun out with South County Window Coverings and Sun Solutions this year.

Create a private space in your home

Perhaps one of the best-known reasons to install blinds shutters and shades is to create a private space in your home. Wood blinds in San Clemente keep prying eyes from peering into your dwelling.

Perhaps you work the overnight shift and need to keep the sun out to get a full night's sleep. Blackout shades are perfect for giving you the environment you need to sleep soundly.

How energy efficient are blinds?

Blinds and shades in San Clemente CA help reduce the amount of heat entering your home by more than ten percent. More than 70 percent of the sunlight hitting your windows heats the air in your home.

Light repellent blinds and shutters keep sunlight from interacting with your interior atmosphere where it disturbs particles. Blinds block this interaction to keep you cool.

Are blinds more effective than drapes?

While drapes keep the sun out in the same way, they are often more opaque than shutters and blinds. This makes them less effective at cooling your home.

Additionally, cloth drapes are a common product. This material traps dust and is more difficult to clean, remaining neglected in most situations and promoting a relatively unhealthy home.

Custom blinds in San Clemente

Custom window coverings are within reach of most consumers. From economical faux wood to Hunter Douglas products, you can create privacy and climate control at an affordable price.

Our professionals help you find blinds shades and shutters that fit your budget. With a large catalog of options, we place the power of choice in your hands.

Are blinds stylish?

While most people think of blinds in terms of the plastic office variant, home products come in many styles. From polished wood to large white beachfront shutters, you gain access to beauty and functionality.

Shutters give off a particularly stylish vibe as regal beams of light stream through to soften the texture of your interior. Standard blinds come in many shapes and colors while allowing you to block more of the sun.

What is the cost of installing blinds?

On average, a household spends between $400 and $1000 to install blinds. However, some options cost over $4000.

For households on a budget, our faux wood styles are perfect. They look exactly like their wood counterpart without losing any of the quality and can even be placed in your bathroom where standard options are not available.

Blinds in San Clemente

Blinds shutters and shades are within reach of most households. The windows in your home let in heat and offer a view into your home.

Our staff, educated on the latest technologies, offer expertise in everything from picking the perfect solution to installation. When you are ready to save money in style or just keep the neighbors out, get in touch with our team.

Blinds for Windows San Clemente
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Blinds for Windows San Clemente
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Blinds for Windows San Clemente
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