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Blinds for Windows Newport Beach

Blinds in Newport Beach are the perfect way to create energy efficiency and keep your home cool during the summer. South County Window Coverings and Sun Solutions deploys the latest technologies to keep you cool and stylish.

What types of blinds are available?

Your blind choice is influenced by more than preference. Moist areas rot and damage wood, making your bathroom an inappropriate place for this type of material.

Faux wood retains the style and fell of their wood counterparts but can be deployed anywhere. This option does not degrade in the face of extreme humidity while avoiding the difficult to clean and cheap look of plastic.

Affordable blinds and shades near Newport Beach

Affordable blinds and shades near Newport Beach do not need to look cheap. Faux blinds are an economical and environmentally sound option to keep the sun out of your home, offering a greater degree of protection than shutters.

Faux wood blinds from South County Window Coverings and Sun Solutions avoid looking inexpensive. It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the products we install and actual wood.

The latest Hunter Douglas blinds and shades

Hunter Douglas offers premium custom window coverings in Newport Beach. Over 60 years of innovation gives customers a wide range of options to choose from.

Our professionals attend continuing education classes to help customers pick from an ever-growing catalog of coverings. We strive to remain up to date to benefit every client.

Are blinds environmentally friendly?

Air conditioning units use significant amounts of power. Custom window coverings in Newport Beach promise to reduce energy use by over ten percent.

Even double pane windows allow for the sun to turn into heat. More than 70 percent of the sunlight striking your windows transfers into heat. Blinds, composed of light repellent material, helps you beat the heat.

Customized blind options

Custom blinds accent your home in the way you want. Standard options can feel routine and even office-like.

Our line of Hunter Douglas and faux blinds places the power of choice at your fingertips. With many designs to choose from, we help you find an option that will last for more than a decade.

How long will my blinds last?

Once installed, your blinds last between five and ten years. Over time, they collect dust, degrade, and must be replaced.

Our affordable options allow you to retain the power of choice without worrying about a product that does not last as long as your home. Gain access to the latest designs at a price you can afford and never purchase plastic blinds again.

Blind and shades service in Newport Beach

South County Window Coverings and Sun Solutions is a leading design consultant serving Newport Beach. Our Newport Beach blinds for sale keep the sun out while saving you on energy costs.

Our team helps you from picking out the perfect blinds to installation. Get in touch with the professionals at South County Window Coverings and Sun Solutions today to install blinds in Newport Beach.

Blinds for Windows Newport Beach
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Blinds for Windows Newport Beach
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Blinds for Windows Newport Beach
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