Motorization and Home Automation

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Discover how smart motorized shades can work off a remote control, your smart phone, iPad/Tablet or off your home automation system.

There are 3 levels of automation:

  1. First is by the simply use of a remote control or wall switch to operate your shades.
  2. Second is using your smart phone or iPad/Tablet by running your hub off your WiFi system. This method takes about an hour to set up.
  3. Third, we connect 110volt, low voltage hard wired or a rechargeable shade motor (No wires need to be ran to shades just charge once a year) and you run your shades with your already installed home automation system; Control 4, Creston, Savant, Elan, Vantage.

This last connection choice would require your home automation company to set up the connection between the shades and your home automation system.  We first set up your shades with remote controls then home automation hook up follows.

Call us with any questions or if you want to set up an appointment to go over pre wiring your house for motorized shades.

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