Exterior Power Screen Shade Systems


Exterior motorized screen shade systems are used to block sun, wind or enclose a California Room to make it bug proof.  This motorized screen system is unique because it has side channels in which the screen material is locked into the side tracks to prevent the wind blowing the screen mesh around.  It takes very little wind to blow the material 6 inches when the screen shade is in the fully down position. Our system can take up to 50 mile an hour winds.

Every system comes with a cassette enclosure for aesthetics and is custom powder coated.  Our powder coating is done once we provide the factory the measurements so every end is powder coated so no elements can spoil the powder coating prematurely. Most companies powder coat one long piece and then they just cut it off and put the product together. 

This is not a quality because the bare ends with corrode much faster due to not being sealed. The bottom bar is substantial and is also color matched to the side channels and cassette. The material is locked into the bottom bar with no hems showing and there is a leather corner piece to ensure the corners won’t split with usage.  This is truly a beautiful product that is driven by a legendary Somfy motor.

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